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Expert Transport services Australia Wide

AJK Logistics is a professional transport company, specialising in haulage and transport services Australia Wide. With a combined experience of over 40 years, we have the necessary know-how to transport our cargo safely and efficiently.

Safety and Performance

AJK Logistics has national accreditation with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) for Fatigue Management, Mass Management and Maintenance Management. These accreditations are regularly audited to ensure ongoing compliance. In addition, AJK Logistics has an extensive Safety and Environmental Management Plan to ensure our performance is delivered safely and with due regard to the environment. Our fleet consists of late model trucks to ensure reliability and delivery performance for the customer. These trucks are fitted with compliant emissions controls and are backed up with 24-hour roadside assistance in the event of breakdowns.

Proven Reliability

The Kosseris family has been involved in transport for over 40 years, with Anthony Kosseris being a second-generation transport operator who has demonstrated performance and reliability as follows:

  • Bulk haulage of coal from BHP Billiton mines, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week moving in excess of 15,000 tonnes per week of coal from the Westcliff Mine to Port Kembla for steel production and export.
  • Bulk haulage on a daily basis of aggregate and quarry products as the primary contractor for Select Quarry Materials, delivering to construction sites, concrete plants, soil yards etc. from Wollongong to Newcastle and encompassing the entire Sydney Metro Area.
  • Excavation bulk outs for various civil engineering contractors in the Sydney Metro Area.
  • Interstate line haul transport services of finished BlueScope Steel products, steel tubing and fabricated steel in small and large quantities.
  • Interstate line haul transport services for RCPA and Vantage Pipes carting concrete pipes from Brisbane to Sydney and the south coast.
  • Interstate transport of building and construction materials, including Sandstone Hub sandstone blocks, bricks, concrete blocks, roof tiles, timber, prefabricated panels, concrete panels, Styrofoam sandwich panels and various other construction materials.
  • Interstate transport of brand new and used equipment and machinery on a regular basis, line haul, to and from auction yards, to an from job sites and equipment yards
  • Transport of hay, fodder and stockfeed, oversize items, mining equipment, specialised freight and general freight.

For safe, reliable and comprehensive transport solutions contact AJK Logistics today.